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Holistic Harmony

Debbie Reynolds, Nurse Practitioner PhD, MSN, FNP, PMHNP, ABAAHP, BC

Holistic Harmony was incorporated in 2006 by Dr. Debbie Reynolds, nurse practitioner, board certified in family practice, psychiatry, and functional medicine. Holistic Harmony USA now serves as an extension of her holistic medical practice to share functional medicine protocols and medicinal supplements to reach a broader audience with her philosophy of holistic integrated medicine.

At Holistic Harmony Healthcare Debbie’s philosophy is that everyone can achieve optimal health in body, mind, and spirit regardless of the presence or absence of disease. This is done by partnering with you to create a personalized plan focused on treating the root cause, not just the symptom and empowering you to begin your journey in the innate healing process.

Debbie's Story

I began my nursing career working as a licensed practical nurse in 1981 at a rural Nebraska hospital. It didn’t take me long to realize that our medical system was broken but I didn’t have the wisdom to know what to do about it. Twenty years later after my 4 children became old enough to be self-sufficient, I started graduate school to become a nurse practitioner.

It was perfect timing for me that the University of Nebraska Medical Center had a dual track program to board certify as a nurse practitioner in both psychiatry and family practice. I have always believed in holistic medicine—treating the whole person in body, mind, and spirit so this was the perfect program for me to become an expert in the field.

I graduated in 2006 and then went on to train in a functional medicine fellowship so I could learn more on how to treat the root cause of illness rather than only prescribing pharmaceutical medications to cover up the symptoms.

Once I gained the knowledge of integrated medicine, I put myself on functional medicine protocols to heal my gut, balance my hormones and detoxify my body. After just a few months I felt better than I had ever felt in my adult life! It then became clear to me that my passion is to help others who have fallen victim of a broken health care system and the toxic world we live in.

It is my purpose to offer guidance to those who need to heal their body, mind, and spirit so that everyone can feel great and have an amazing, healthy life no matter what your age!